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a short guide

It's time!

Welcome to the first edition of Pé na Areia, our Forró “resenha” in Sardinia! We are thrilled that you are joining us to dance together, connect, and spread this beautiful culture in this natural paradise!


Here is a brief guide to enjoying the event to the fullest, and don't worry, we'll keep it short!


Our 'resenha' will take place from September 29th to October 1st, in the stunning backdrop of Porto Taverna, nestled between Camping Tavolara and the beach.

First of all, please check out the schedule for your upcoming days in Porto San Paolo ;)

How to get here

We have arranged some transfers from the airport to the campsite and vice versa on Fridays and Mondays, personally agreed with each of you.


Alternatively, here is some information about public transportation connecting Olbia Airport with Camping Tavolara:

- extra-urban service provided by ARST company

- bus line: no. 514 (duration 20/30 minutes)
- cost: 1,90€

At the airport:

- bus stop: no. 4, located outside airport arrivals, heading to the right (check on Google Maps);

- tickets: You can find a blue ticket machine inside the airport near the last exit on the right, close to the information office.

- timetable: 

  • 06:49

  • 08:42

  • 09:39

  • 11:08

  • 12:38

  • 14:19

  • 16:03

  • 19:29

  • 21:49

At Camping Tavolara:

- bus stop: SS 125 KM 300.400, leaving the campsite on the left (check on Google Maps)

- tickets: via the Dropticket app, or in cash directly to the driver.

- timetable: 

  • 05:17

  • 07:18

  • 09:01

  • 11:24

  • 13:04

  • 17:07

  • 19:45

For other origins and destinations, you can check here, entering locations, date and time.

If you are a group of people and want to book a taxi, you can contact this number on Whatsapp: +39 345 215 5172


Camping Tavolara:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Forró Workshops & Night Parties

Porto Taverna Beach:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Yoga Morning Classes & Pé na Areia Parties

View on Google Maps and discover beautiful hidden spots around here.

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Camping Tavolara

Throughout the entire weekend, we'll be sleeping, dancing, studying, and dining together within this beautiful campsite, which boasts amenities such as a restaurant, a market, an ATM, a soccer field, and a volleyball court ;)

Our Forró workshops will take place on a cool and spacious terrace graciously provided by the restaurant. As for the evening parties, they'll be hosted in an open-air amphitheater, but sheltered from the wind.
The forecast is nice with highs of 30°C, but it might cool down in the evening, so bring appropriate clothing.

Forró Village

Between the bungalows and caravans, we've created a genuine Forró Village ;)

You can choose to cook your meals in your accommodation, stocking up at the campsite's market, or dine at the restaurant if you've made a reservation in advance.


Both bungalows and caravans come equipped with blankets, sheets, pillows, towels, pots, pans, and all the essentials. Cooking supplies like salt, oil, etc., as well as personal hygiene products, can be purchased at the market.


For those who've selected a caravan with a private bathroom, you'll have access to a separate bathroom located near the caravan and reserved exclusively for your use.

Each accommodation will be provided with a single key that you can leave at the reception when you're out and about.
The reception will remain open throughout the night.


As you know, we have collected your reservations to dine at the restaurant.

Those who have opted for the full menu at €30 should be at the restaurant by 19h20 to pay the fee. Apart from water, drinks and desserts are not included, and you can pay for them after dinner.

The others will be served à la carte and can arrive at the time they prefer, but please consider that you may have to wait a bit longer, so we suggest not arriving too late.


In addition to the restaurant bar open until midnight, our 'barzinho' near the theater will be in operation from 22:00 to 4:00.
Only cash payments are accepted here.
Reusable personal glasses for drinks and bottles to fill with offered water are highly encouraged.

Porto Taverna Beach

The star attraction of this event is the stunning Porto Taverna Beach: 1 kilometer of fine white sand, crystal-clear waters, and a gently sloping seabed, surrounded by smooth pink granite cliffs, enveloped by Mediterranean scrub, with maritime pines, myrtle plants, juniper, and rosemary bushes.

The afternoon DJ sets will be held right here, with your feet in the sand and the soothing sound of the sea in the background, thanks to DJ Vim Vim and his solar-powered portable sound system!
So be ready to dance with "pés na areia" (feet in the sand) from 15h00 to 19h00!


We'll occupy a portion of the free beach, which we'll be responsible for until Monday. It's our duty to respect and preserve it, disposing of our trash (we'll provide designated bins) and refraining from taking any sand, no matter how tempting it may be :P (jokes aside, fines for sand stealers range from €1,000 to €9,000).


If you want to seek shade from the sun during the day at the beach, you can rent an umbrella from the market for €5 each per day.

Feeling adventurous and want to explore?
Check out our map of Porto Taverna's hidden gems and discover sand dunes, secret coves with water so clear you can see the seagrass and fish without a mask, granite formations shaped like turtles... You can reach them on foot with a bit of patience or rent a dinghy from Mare Azzurro right on the beach.

If you're looking to go further, you'll also find trekking, lakes, and waterfalls

Summary of things to remember

  • Check-in take place at reception.

  • When you are out and about you can leave the key at the reception: it's open 24 hrs.

  • Please note that we cannot be held responsible for the supervision of participants' personal belongings during the event, and we will not provide compensation for any loss or damage to personal items.

  • Lost & Found is at the reception.

  • The meeting point on the beach is here.

  • You can rent a beach umbrella for 5€ at the market

  • In our 'barzinho,' we only accept cash payments. An ATM is located near the reception.

  • The dinner for those who have booked the full menu is at 19:20 and must be paid in advance at the cash register.

Other important things to enjoy the festival and keep a good energy

Enjoy the event respecting the others.

  • Always ask for the consense.

  • Be prepared to accept a no without taking it personally.

  • Respect the dance and expression of others without assuming hidden meanings: if you have any doubt ask and communicate.

  • Be confident to communicate your bounderies.

  • If you experience uncomfortable behavior or see other people in discomfort, inform the staff or a volunteer.

  • Respect other people's spaces figuratively and physically: are you sure you have enough space for that caminhada with sacada? Maybe a trava is enough to avoid kicks and elbows to other couples ;)

  • Please, attend workshops appropriate to your level of dance: this too is synonymous with respect! Attending classes at a higher level than yours will probably not teach you anything, but it will definitely disturb other participants and teachers.

  • Pay attention to your personal hygiene: shower, deodorant, oral hygiene, extra t-shirt and clothes are not questionable!

That's all, folk!

Bring your pass and your smile at the entrance and enjoy the resenha!​
We thank you so much for your trust and for coming to make this event special with us!
We look forward to meeting and dancing with you!

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