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Welcome to the third edition of Turin Turin Forró Fest!
We are so happy you are joining us to dance together, connect and spread this beautiful culture!

Here is a brief guide to enjoy the festival in the best way: we will be quick, we promise!

The festival is happaning on 17, 18, 19 of May, but you can dance from Thursday 16 to Monday 20: Forró doesn't stop with our extra parties!
So first of all check out the plan of your days in Turin ;)

If you still don't have the pass check out what you can get.
To participate in the event, you will need to be a member of our association, the Balanço Asd; if you are not a member yet, you will be registered during the pass’s purchase (membership fee is included in the pass cost). For this reason passes are availabe EXCLUSIVE ONLINE on our website: no payment at the door, unless you are already a member of the association.

Please, notice that EXTRA PARTIES and AFTER PARTY are not included in the pass.

To get your entrance:

  • WARM-UP PARTY: here or at the door (15€ by cash)

  • AFTER PARTY: at the door (5€ by cash)

  • HANGOVER PARTY: at the door (10€ by cash)


Check this link for info about how to get to Turin and public transport. 8 DA CAMBIARE: METTERE UNA SEZIONE DEDICATA DIRETTAMENTE IN QUESTA PAGINA


The main location has spacious and airy rooms for workshops, a covered fresh terrace for afternoon parties and a beautiful 400m2 dance hall with large windows, and a floating birch floor, specially designed for dancing at its best. 
All this by the Dora river, a few minutes walking from the center of Turin.


The spaces

  • TERRACE: music workshops, extra activities, and day parties

  • DANCEHALL - ROOM 1: dance workshops and night parties

  • ROOM 2: dance workshops and yoga


  • In the dance hall, outdoor shoes are not allowed: remember to bring your dance shoes and change them.

  • Room 2 closes at 20h: if you left something there be careful to get back before closing time.

  • We are not responsible for the supervision of participant's personal belongings during the festival and will not be liable for any compensation in the event of loss of or damage to personal belongings. 

  • Lost & Found is at Check-in

  • Fortino has a plastic free policy: at the bar you can't find plastic water bottle, but filtered drinking water dispenser. We suggest to bring your own reusable bottle.

  • At bar it's only possible to pay by cash or Satispay (an italian eletronic payment method): check at this link on Google Maps to reach the closest ATM.


  • FRIDAY: 21h30-00h30

  • SATURDAY: 12h00-18h00 & 21h30-00:30

  • SUNDAY: 12h30-18h00 & 21h30-00:30

Other important things to enjoy the festival and keep a good energy

Enjoy the festival respecting the others.

  • Always ask for the consense.

  • Be prepared to accept a no without taking it personally.

  • Respect the dance and expression of others without assuming hidden meanings: if you have any doubt ask and communicate.

  • Be confident to communicate your bounderies.

  • If you experience uncomfortable behavior or see other people in discomfort, inform the staff or a volunteer.

  • Respect other people's spaces figuratively and physically: are you sure you have enough space for that caminhada with sacada? Maybe a trava is enough to avoid kicks and elbows to other couples ;)

  • Please, attend workshops appropriate to your level of dance: this too is synonymous with respect! Attending classes at a higher level than yours will probably not teach you anything, but it will definitely disturb other participants and teachers.

  • Pay attention to your personal hygiene: shower, deodorant, oral hygiene, extra t-shirt and clothes are not questionable!

That's all, folk!

Bring your pass and your smile at the entrance and enjoy the festival!​
We thank you so much for your trust and for coming to make this event special with us!
We look forward to meeting and dancing with you!

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